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The Experience is a mobile app that distills the best of trip planning, travel guides, journalling, sharing and personalised mementos, designed for today’s smartphone-enabled traveller.


We playfully understand the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of you in order to make perfect recomendations for your travels.


Gather basic information to get you started.


Implement clever machine-learning to discover patterns and make the best recommendations.


Your plan is bespoke to you and your interests.


We list the best places to Eat, Drink, Stay, Play, Learn, Shop, and Go.


Personalised recommendations for you while in a destination.

Curated places

Our editorial team handpicks and writes about the most awesome places.

Bucket Lists

Save places you are interested in to visit now or later.


Easily search for places you are hunting for by name, type, tag, or location.


Capture, both passively and actively, all the important moments of a trip.


Shoot and embed videos and photos on a map.


Fire off a quick tweetable note or type a longer-form journal entry.


Snow or Monsoon? We help you remember what the weather was like on your trip!

Plus More

We have tons more ways to capture your most relevant moments.

Passive Moments

Using our proprietary location-based services, we can capture moments for you. Walk by an important monument but forget to note it? We got you covered!


After your trip, we help create beautiful, tangible mementoes from the moments you’ve experienced and captured.


Proudly frame up infographical posters of your trip.


Send mum a postcard of that special moment on top of the Eiffel Tower.


Sit down with the kids to thumb through a bespoke photo book of your last road trip!

More to come

We have other ideas on how to make your digital memories physical. Plans Guides Journals Relives your most important moments in one simple and elegantly designed app.

We're passionate about travel.

We can't wait to bring some of our ideas to you folks soon.

The Bandits is made up of passionate (some say crazy!) folk from around the globe who truly believe travel has a positive impact on the world. We share a common vision to build a product you will love and we strive to hit this goal every day. Please feel free to offer feedback and we hope to see you on a journey we've helped illuminate some time soon...

Chad Garrett Cribbins CEO A multi-award-winning digital creative with experience honed both in agencies & start-ups. Chad has deep expertise in multi-channel experience design and has travelled extensively (69 countries and counting). Twitter Linkedin
Shawn Low Editorial Director A travel editor who has written and commissioned books and articles for Lonely Planet and other publications. He has also hosted travel documentaries including Roads Less Travelled (China) with National Geographic. Shawn also has experience in digital marketing, focusing on social media and content. Twitter Linkedin
Andy Bennett CTO A multi-talented hacker and maker of all things, with a keen eye for design. Andy has extensive experience in mobile, particularly iOS. Twitter Linkedin
Aby Olival FD Aby has built, raised funds, ensured were financially & administratively sound and sold prior companies. Distinction cum laude in undergrad and earned an MBA from London Business School. Twitter Linkedin

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