A flying start: Firef.ly hopes to create a buzz as it secures a place in Traveltech Lab via TTG News

Back in April 2014, TTG covered start-up Firef.ly, which was one of more than 600 companies that applied for a space in the new incubator.

The company has been successful, and founder and chief executive Chad Cribbons told TTG: “We are hard at work crafting an experience that meets the demands of modern-day travellers, and massively humbled to receive support from the likes of the Traveltech Lab in London. The mix of start-ups and contacts here makes an exciting cocktail for success. Through the Lab, we’ve already found a key partner in 8th Day Adventure for early product testing”.

“Travel is important to the fabric of London and the statistics back this up. In 2013, a record 16.8 million visited London. It seems a natural thing for London & Partners and the Trampery to launch the Traveltech Lab to help travel startups take off.” said Shawn Low, Editorial Director, Firef.ly

What is Firef.ly is a mobile travel app that distills the best of trip planning, travel guides, journalling and social sharing, together with personalized, one-of-a-kind mementos for today’s smartphone-enabled traveller.

It is also currently crowdfunding on Seedrs.


Firef.ly hopes to create a buzz via TTG News

London start-up Firef.ly is the brainchild of Chad Cribbins, and has applied for a place in the incubator. His company has developed an app that is designed to allow travellers to record a wide range of moments of their holidays. Using GPS technology, a Firef.ly “trail” is created, which traces the movements of the user, and “stitches your story together”.

Users are able to print stylish photo albums and other memorabilia, based on the recorded data. The app also permits video and audio recordings. Cribbins told TTG he was hopeful on making it into the 35 companies, and that his technology would be suited to the travel trade as a white-label product.